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Welcome to Waxed by Lisa Hill

My name is Lisa Hill and I am a waxing specialist working from a home-based beauty salon in Langdon Hills, Essex. I offer professional waxing services. I am very chatty and will make you feel completely comfortable and at ease during your waxing treatments. Intimate waxing need not be scary or painful, I was trained by the best, the queen of waxing, Kim Lawless.

Waxing Treatments

by Lisa Hill

I am trained to the highest level of professional female and male waxing treatments and only use the best waxing products for all skin types, ensuring a virtually pain-free wax.

You can view our Waxing Treatment Menu by clicking on the button below:

Waxing Appointments

To make a waxing appointment with Lisa Hill call 07814 004 614 or email:

Waxing Salon Opening Hours

There is flexibility with waxing appointments but here are my core hours: 

Monday: 9am - 3pm

Tuesday: 9am - 3pm

Wednesday: 9am - 9pm

Thursday: 9am - 9pm

Friday: 9am - 3pm

Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Sunday: Closed

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